August 8th 2015

May The Gods Be Ever In Your Favor.

Short Overview.

Theomachy is a player-run event on the Singularity Testing Server in the EVE Online Universe. The contest is essentially a free-for-all, where the final capsuleer is named the victor.

  • Thousands of Ships to choose from
  • Emergent (scripted) Events
  • Hunt or Be Hunted
  • FOUR HOURS of Carnage
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About the Event

Background of the Event

As capsuleers, we are immortals that struggle for power and worth. Consequently, those who struggle for power and worth ultimately come into conflict with one another, and sometimes it turns violent.

Thus, a contest was born and named "Theomachy" after the Greek term for battle of the gods. The purpose of which: To decide whom amongst our god-like kind reigns supreme.

For 4 hours, 400 of New Eden's greatest immortals are transported to an arena system - free of control from the inner empires - to test their endurance, ingenuity and battle prowess. Against an unforgiving environment and companion immortals:

For there can be only one victor...


The objective of this event is to be the last capsuleer alive in the arena system.

Contestants are dropped into a seeded system in nothing but a capsule. You can use anything you find within the arena to further that goal; be it that cruise missile fit Armageddon you found, or a can filled with slave implants and faction mods to fit up that osprey you just scavenged and barely got away with. Prove worthy, and perhaps the "All Knowing Overseers" will drop you some more much needed equipment or perks.

Participants are also not restricted on who they can align themselves with, or whom they can kill. All that matters is that you are the last one standing, can you really trust your friends anymore?

May the gods be ever in your favor

Sounds cool! When is it?

20:00 (EVE Time) August 8th on Singularity

Please follow the below steps on the date of the event

1. Install EVE Online's Singularity Test Server.
2. Players must quit their corp, do not drop roles first if you want to avoid the 24 corp stasis and join the player corporation on Singularity called "Ludus Gallicus" before August 4st, 2015.
3. Join the game chat channel "Theomachy The Event" on Singularity.
4. Players should arrive in 6-CZ49 system by 19:00 EVE time on the day of the event in a pod and dock up.
5. Once you arrive in system and dock, remain docked until you receive further instructions through the Event Channel.
6. If you have any questions or issues: join our in-game channel "Theomachy The Event" or send Riela Tanal an eve mail

Emergent Events

Thought you were just facing other capsuleers? Think again. You've come across a carrier being attacked by pirates... do you help them? Or take his faction mods upon his death?

The Choice is Yours.

Our Emergent Team will be running live scripted events that can potentially help (or hinder) your chances for success. You could completely ignore them, but you take the chance of being left behind as a result

Event Rules

Failure to comply with a rule or directive of an overseer, will result in your removal or baring from further progression in this tournament.

Registration Rules

These following rules/procedure are to be followed during registration in order to participate in the event.

1. Your account must be subscribed 30 days before the event so your account will be active on singularity.
2. Register on our website using a limited API to verify that you own that character.
3. If you think you might not be able to show up after registering please contact Riela Tanal as we will have a waiting list and would prefer to fill our spots with people that can make it.
4. After you have registered you must join the Theomachy in game mailing list..
5. Once registration is complete and all slots filled, those on the waiting list will be contacted via email with instructions.

Overseer Interaction

These rules dictate interactions with Overseers in the arena. Overseers are defined as pilots that are a member of The Overseer Corporation.

Podding an Overseer is not allowed.
Overseers are allowed to shoot and destroy your ships - Players are also allowed to destroy Overseer's ships.
Overseers podding will only be permitted during a Sudden Death. See below rules for further details.
The Logistics Corporation is set to +10. You are not to engage these pilots, as they are dropping ships. Streamers will be in this corporation.
The Emergent Team corporation will be set to -5 so you can differentiate normal Overseers from our Acting Team.
The Main Overseer corp will be set to -10.

Emergent Event Rules

These rules cover how the scripted events are going to be done.

Scripted events will be done by the Emergent Team to add some more spice to the event. They can range from random patrols of pirate ships to a hauler roaming around with loot to grab.
Events will be announced in a specific channel every player should join if they wish to see the scripted event announcements
More than one event can be going on at the same time, so you will have to choose wisely.
Events will have rewards in some fashion, and will be worth the risk.
No Hunters will interfere with a scripted event, and if they happen to be on beacon, they will not interfere.

Disconnection Rules

These rules govern how things will go should a disconnection occur for controllable or uncontrollable reasons

In the event of sisi rebooting or going down briefly, you will have 5 minutes to log back in, after that 5 minutes we will take a snapshot of local and any additions will be removed from the event. Should you disconnect during the event, you have the time it takes our referee prober to find you in space to log back in or you will be podded.

Player Interaction Rules

These rules govern how you will act towards other players and what you are allowed to do in the arena.

All event organizational instructions will be made available through the in-game chat channel "Theomachy The Event".
You may not pod until notified by the Event Announcer. If you pod someone before the ok is given you will be removed from the game and the person you podded will be moved back in by CCP.
If you are podded, you are eliminated from the game.
You may only use modules, implants, boosters, or ships found in the arena. We will take steps to ensure your pod is empty upon entry to the arena.
You may not destroyed any deployed structure.
If you violate any of the above, you will be removed from the game by CCP or a Referee.

Arena and Boundary Regulations

These rules deal with where you can go within the arena.

The Arena system shall remain classified and inaccessible until preparations are complete, Ideally by 20:00 EVE Time. Participants will be moved to the arena system at the Overseer's leisure.
Upon entry to the Arena, you will continue to do as instructed until released. Upon release, you will have a total of 4 hours to survive.
The only warpable locations will be on your Beacon Overview tab. If you warp to a restricted location that is not a beacon you will be removed from the event.
Gates are off limits - if you warp to a gate you will be nuked by CCP Falcon. He's more god-like than you.
Mid-point safe spots are not allowed and you will be removed if you use them. (CCP's helping us, so we will know.)
You must be within 250KM of any beacon you are currently at. If you leave grid you are advised to warp to another beacon before a referee pods you.

Sudden Death

Sudden Death will be declared if there is more than 50% of the participants left after the 3 hour mark. It will end once enough players have been eliminated.
In a Sudden Death, Overseers will begin to cull and pod contestants at various areas of play, forcing surviving contestants into a few select areas.
Players will be given a 10 minute warning before sudden death is declared.


  Champion 12 PLEX
  Runner-Up (2nd Place) 6 PLEX
  Runner-Up (3rd Place) 3 PLEX
  Runner-Up (4th Place) Faction Battleship of your choice
  Runner-Up (5th Place Faction Battleship of your choice
  6th thru 20th Place Faction Cruiser of your choice
  21st thru 40thth Place Faction Frigate of your choice
  Many more hidden prizes from achievements in the event No Alliance Tournament ships


This is a list of in-game and out-of-game sponsors that are helping to make this event a reality

CCP Games

Creators of EVE Online


EVE Online Corporation and Founding Organization of Theomachy

Deaf Streaming of multiple games.

Warp To Me Incursions

Incursion Community


Eve-Bet - EVE's premiere betting website


Web Hosting and Development Company